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Hero Platform is specially developed for enterprises that require Big Data Solution for identifying innovative on ways to draw insights from the ever-increasing amount of structured and unstructured information available about their product, service, market and customer’s behavior to foster a competitive edge. The NewTrek  Hero Platform fully leverages the Apache open-source and the state-of-the-art Hadoop big data analytics technologies enterprises to adopt the data-first strategy towards understanding the behavior of their customers, mapping them to products and planning marketing strategies to increase profits.


The following pre-integrated ready-to-deploy Big Data applications are built on the NewTrek Hero  Platform that provides a flexible AI-powered analytics system which combining machine learning, advanced analytics, and enterprise-grade BI, It processes allowing to analyze big data content, and enables enterprises to deploy and enjoy the benefits of big data analytics in the shortest possible time.

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Let Data forecast your world

Let Data Forecast your Revenue


We deliver your value through the following approach



Analysts always begin with establishing an understanding of the business problems to generate a hypothesis that will undoubtedly solve the challenge.



Analysts can design a set of visuals to illustrate potential key drivers and solution sets. NewTrek's Hero Platform has analysts have advanced visualizations for use in exploring relationships within the data



Capitalization is where Big Data Architect applies unique predictive modeling to derive a solution to the business challenge.


Big Data solution for

  • Telecom dashboard, business intelligence

  • Customer classification & segmentation, targeted marketing campaign

  • Churn analysis & prediction, sentiment analysis of social media, security penetration & fraud analysis

  • Hotel dashboard, business intelligence

  • Customer segmentation, demand forecasting & room price optimization

  • Sentiment analysis, customer feedback comments and review analysis




  • Retail dashboard, business intelligence

  • Customer analysis & segmentation, upsell / cross-sell recommendation

  • Predictive analytics – forecasting trends, sentiment analysis & price optimization



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